Behind the Boutique

While others may scroll through Instagram liking Beyoncé’s latest video, LaNise Walker found a lucrative obsession for fashion trucks and essentially her calling as an entrepreneur. In 2015 she established Goody2Shoes Mobile Boutique and dawned a new approach to shopping in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Fiercely fashionable, this young innovator is following her passion ensuring every customer leaves with a smile from finding just the right accessories to slay.


Born & raised in Detroit, MI, LaNise has always been infatuated with fashion and recalls collecting pictures of shoes and apparel from magazines at a very young age. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Tennessee State University (TSU) in Nashville, TN, she remained loyal to her calling by personally styling her friends around campus. She was known for her unique style and wearing eye-catching shoes and accessories. 

After 12 years in TN, LaNise courageously packed up and moved to Dallas, TX. She was inspired to open ChicPlus, an online fashion boutique in 2012 after noticing minimal chic and age appropriate plus size clothing options. The boutique dissolved, but not without teaching LaNise valuable lessons and the benefits of being her own boss. Determined to never give up, she committed to seeking other business opportunities in the fashion industry. Her continuous effort, graced with the mentorship of other prominent women entrepreneurs, catapulted LaNise into opening the first mobile shoe boutique Dallas has ever shopped.

Professionally, LaNise aspires to own and curate the inventory of a fleet of fashion trucks, offering a broader range of fashion - from sneakers and sportswear to contemporary apparel. Beyond that LaNise desires to pay homage to TSU’s motto “Think Work Serve” by mentoring the younger generation of girls to achieve their goals. She hopes to also participate in 'transitional' development for women, which helps them get back into the workforce via resume writing, professional coaching, interview guidance, etc. Goody2Shoes Mobile Boutique allows LaNise to combine both her loves – fashion and helping people. She’s looking forward to being in a place that is easy for people to drop in and grab a shoe for a date night or a whole new wardrobe!